Location: Dareth The Ice Kingdom

A lost kingdom of the dwarves


DR=Dale Recknoning
c. -5300 •Between this time and -2600 DR, the dwarven realms of Oghrann, Haunghdannar, Gharraghaur, Belsimer, Ammarindar, Delzoun, Ironstar, the Fallen Kingdom, and Dareth are founded as dwarves flee the constant warfare enveloping Shanatar.

c. -2600 •Dareth, the dwarven “Ice Kingdom”, is founded. Orloebar Snowbeard is crowned king.
•The last known dwarves of Shanatar fall on the northern slopes of the Sulduskoon River.

c. 1000•"•The dwarven realm of Dareth is found to be in shambles. The remaining dwarves fled to Mount Sundabar, where they are shattered by white dragons.

Location: Dareth The Ice Kingdom

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