Naragan The Smasher of Skulls

Relic of the dwarven clan Orothiar.

weapon (melee)

Orothiar, TokanOrothiar, Tokan

This magical heirloom of the magnificent clan Orothiar is wielded by the invincible and mighty chieftain Tokan. And as long as he wields the terrible Naragan, there are none who can fight his power, none who can fight his might! For this hammer was forged by the great ancestor-kings! It cracks the skulls of giants! It breaks the bones of ogres. The hammer Naragan destroyes and slays at will. And it can be hurled incredible distances and still it returns to the hand of the valorous dwarven warrior who wields it battle.

It is written in the most holiest shrines of the clan Orothiar, that only a dwarven warrior destined to be the leader of his entire race can wield this most legendary of stout-folk’s creations. If such a dwarf picks this weapon up and charges into the fray, he is immediately reborn and becomes one with the gods of war and the legendary heroes of might and immortal kingship.

These are the three words carved into this ancient relic: PROVIDENCE! UNITY! IMMORTALITY


Naragan The Smasher of Skulls

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